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it doesn't mean you can't have a life.

yj: from the moment i was born, you were next to me. there wasn’t a day when i didn’t see you. … i kept hinting at you, that i like you, andfor you to like me back. … so i told myself, i had to confess to you. so the day of the SAT’s, i told you to meet me at the school oval at 8pm, didn’t i? that day was my d-day. but hyung told me 10 minutes before… he told me.. that he liked you. what should i do? …in this world, there are only 2 people that i love the most. one is my hyung; my hyung who gave up everything because of me. and the other is you. it was you. but my hyung likes you. what should i do?

sw: yoonjae-yah. can’t we go back to being comfortable friends like we used to be? like you said, we’ve been together since the day we were born right? i’m not very smart. you know that too right. but i know that you are the friend i treasure the most in this world. you’ll still continue to be my friend right?

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Me trying to play the Bridal Mask soudntrack 안뒤나봐 chorus

Speculation: Joo Won’s recording the new Gaksital OST?

Just speculation, still need to wait for official news, but apparently Joo Won is recording the new OST today

The drama’s music director Kang Dong Yoon (@iopera1) opened his twitter account yesterday, and one of his tweets mentioned Joo Won and said “Do a good job tomorrow” . As most of us may know, Director Kang is the person who wrote the song “Judgment Day” which was sang by Joo Won. As the person who is responsible for all the music business for the drama, what does this tweet imply? 

Seems like they have another project up their sleeves? 

PLEASE let it be a ballad. 


go on Kang’s twitter if you want some evidence ;)

Jin Se Yeon taking up Eun Jung’s place in Drama “The 5th Fingers”

So it’s settled. Se Yeon confirmed her appearance in the new drama featuring Joo Ji Hoon (my prince!) to take over Eun Jung who is leaving the set. Se Yeon will start shooting her first scenes tomorrow (23rd August) and her character is scheduled to appear in Episode 5.

Personally I would love Se Yeon to take more rest after Gaksital, I didnt’ see this coming, her picking her new drama so soon. But nonetheless would wish her all the best in the new set.

However, will this mean Mok Dan will die in the next few episodes? Or will she be able to make babies with Kang To? I’m soooooo curious!!!!  

cr:  [youtube]

Amazing compilation. The song the author used really brings out the elegance and sadness of that era. The colours, effects and transition of scenes are really well done! 

the lyrics are really moving as well. Translate the song literally its called “Let your dream hibernate” 

Joo Won as the cover of Japanese Hanryu magazine KStar-NOW.37 pages of Joo Won bliss, released today! チュウォンペンの皆さんとこの喜びを分かち合いたいですね!雑誌は本日から発売です!しかも記念すべき第一号です☆ ちなみに嬉しいお知らせはこの事でもありません!お楽しみに !S皆さん!ついに来ましたよ。チュウォン旋風ですよ!嬉しすぎますよ!37Pに渡る大特集ですよ!!Lets check it! S  

Joo Won as the cover of Japanese Hanryu magazine KStar-NOW.
37 pages of Joo Won bliss, released today! 

チュウォンペンの皆さんとこの喜びを分かち合いたいですね!雑誌は本日から発売です!しかも記念すべき第一号です☆ ちなみに嬉しいお知らせはこの事でもありません!お楽しみに !S

皆さん!ついに来ましたよ。チュウォン旋風ですよ!嬉しすぎますよ!37Pに渡る大特集ですよ!!Lets check it! S 


This video has just gone viral on the korean internet because joo won retweeted this video himself. 

now i bet the whole Gakistal crew had seen this video. Really hilarious though and genius cuts. Thumbs up for the humour.

oppa gangnam style :o)